Spring has Sprung: is your body ready?

As the months go by we are venturing closer and closer to the warm weather, sunny barbecues, holiday celebrations and bikinis! Sure, you may have stayed super fit and maintain the amazing body that you’ve worked so hard for, however for most of us, a few winter kilos need to be removed NOW! So how do we do it?
FRUIT AND VEGGIES: Increase your intake as this food group contains lots of fibre to help keep you satisfied for longer so that you can fill up on all the good stuff, without craving nasty junk food.
USE RESISTANCE: Weight training will aid in increasing your metabolism by building muscle. You will see more definition in your body and changes in your body shape. Aim for 3 resistance training sessions per week for optimum results.
BULK UP: Increase your protein intake to boost your metabolism to help you burn fat faster! Lean protein sources such as chicken, beef, eggs, tofu, cottage cheese and fish are all great sources to add to your meals.
DRINK UP: Being well hydrated helps to flush out any toxins in your body which may contribute to bloating and fluid retention. Ensure you drink 1.5-2L of water per day, and consume some more if you are exercising.
GO LOW: Choose low GI carbohydrate sources such as brown rice, multigrain bread and lentils which provide you with long lasting energy to avoid any sugar cravings later in the day.
CUT THE ALCOHOL: alcoholic beverages increase the concentration of toxins in your body which can lead to bloating, but the effects of alcohol are more likely to lead to unwise food choices such as cheese, late night kebabs, excess sugar in mixers and a huge calorie addition to your daily intake. Try cutting your intake to a few drinks at social events only 2 days per week.
Following these guidelines will help to cut calories and ensure you make the most sensible food choices. If you need to lose a few kilos before you try on your bikini then it is important to look closely at your diet.



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